Rolf Leer - Founder

Rolf Arne Leer is an entrepreneur and journalist running the New York-based magazine Quoted. In only two years, the publication has gained a cult following, and is recognized for its unfiltered and honest portrayals of local New Yorkers. 

Rolf grew up in the countryside of Norway where his parents ran a psychiatric hospital.  Even as a kid, he himself was a little crazy, but he also developed a curiosity for people and storytelling. Upon graduating from The Kaospilots in Denmark, he started a communication company in Copenhagen, working with brands like Carlsberg, Statoil, and other influential Scandinavian brands. 

His creativity and talents in communication drew the attention of the largest Norwegian TV channel, where he worked as a reporter and documentary producer/filmmaker. He relocated to New York in 2016 in search of the American Dream and to understand local lifestyle through an independent media project.

Rolf Arne started visiting New Yorkers in their homes to conduct interviews and gather their perspectives. First featured in the Huffington Post, Rolf began to gain followers from around the world. He decided to share these insights through his own publication, and Quoted Magazine was born.  

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Meet Rolf - The Founder


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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.