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There are many ways to connect with Quoted's 360,000 readers. Our branded content and tailored ads visually match the Quoted aesthetic, and provide our audience with quality content and information in an editorial voice and style that they trust. Of course, if traditional ads are more your speed, we offer premium placements within our editorial rubrics.

You can also access our 14.9K Instagram followers with tailored posts or Story boards.

A 360° marketing campaign across Quoted's assets will ensure your visibility among a wide range of local and international readers and followers.

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As competition for attention in the city becomes increasingly challenging, it is crucial for brands to get their products in the hands and on the lips of the culture-makers of New York.

As a means to get through the clutter, Quoted executes partnership events, inviting our micro-influencer network to experience brands first hand.

Quoted offers a 360 approach to partnership events, including planning and execution.

Influencer Network

Quoted Magazine has curated a network of 150+ New York

micro influencers with between 5-90k followers who are available for brand activation. 

With an engaged and targeted audience, these influencers span across categories, including: lifestyle, fashion, beauty, art, business, real estate, wellness, fitness, travel, music.

​Quoted can activate a tailored list of influencers, and oversee the campaign to ensure consistency across the network and provide efficiency reports.

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Who reads Quoted

360,000 readers

25-34 years old

56% women - 44% men

Influential New Yorkers

 Our readers are non-conformists and creatives that work and socialize at coffee shops, co-working spaces, and membership clubs in New York. They are the culture-makers of the city

Explorers, not tourists

There is a shift in the way people travel, increasingly seeking authentic experiences. Millennials and affluent travelers value local knowledge for this particular reason

Multi-channel Distribution

Selective Locations

Distributed at 250+ trendy New York locations in downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem, and LIC

Hotel Partnerships

In-room and lobby distribution at 35+ leading New York boutique hotels

Airport Lounges

Distributed at international lounges at JFK: Air France/KLM Lounge, British Airways Galleries Lounge, Korean Air, Wingtips Lounge, Air India Lounge, The Emirates Lounge


Quoted is available for purchase online and through select local channels like Barnes & Noble, Casa Magazine, Butler, Perrotin, A/D/O

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