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A love letter to New York from the people who live here.


"There is no better way to sum up the way this city makes you feel day to day, and every page is filled up with great insights from wonderful people that, in one way or another, are just like you." @thelyonist​

“Fell in love with NYC all over again. Thank you for such a beautiful magazine!” @naomidriessnack

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What Is It?

 8,550,405 personalities and stories roam the bustling streets, skyscrapers and city lights of New York. Quoted is an unfiltered take on the city through the eyes of some of these brave, warm and weird New Yorkers. 

Every issue of Quoted intimately profiles 10 New Yorkers in their homes. Through unedited narratives, photographs, video content and recommendations, we invite you backstage to experience the real New York.

How It Started

Rolf Arne Leer, is an entrepreneur and journalist from Norway with a passion for traveling, storytelling and meeting new people. He immediately fell in love with New York through his encounters with locals, each of whom shared unique insights into what the city means to them and why they call it home.


Rolf Arne started visiting New Yorkers in their homes to conduct interviews and to gather their perspectives. First featured in the Huffington Post, Rolf began to gain followers from around the world with his innovative, unfiltered portraits.


He decided to share these insights through his own publication and Quoted was born.

Media Inquiries

2.3 million travelers and locals have access to Quoted Magazine at five airlines, JFK and TAP airport lounges, select hotels in NYC and local lifestyle destinations.  Get in touch if you are interested in advertising with us. Media kit available below. 

The Team

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Rolf Arne Leer: rolf@quotedmagazine.com

Associate Publisher

Louis Sarmiento: louis@quotedmagazine.com

Creative Director

Mads Jakob Poulsen

Director Strategic Partnerships 

Julia Mignone: julia@quotedmagazine.com

Head of Photography

Paula Andrea: paula@quotedmagazine.com