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The Magazine


Founded in 2017 in New York City by Rolf Leer, Quoted is a love letter to New York from the people who live here. 

Quoted is a platform that encourages locals to share their truth and raw perspectives on the city. We are the voice of the real New York. Since its birth, Quoted has gained a cult following of influential New Yorkers.


Every issue of Quoted intimately profiles New Yorkers in their homes. Through unedited narratives, photographs, and local recommendations, Quoted invites readers backstage to experience the real New York. 

The Team


Rolf Leer

"New York happened. I moved here thinking I had built balls enough to know how to handle you. I was wrong. I am hit by anxiety and insanity continuously because you are unpredictable and aggressive. But regardless of how disgustingly challenging you are, you make me feel alive, and that is an addiction I’ll take. Keep serving up freedom, ambitions, youth and never-ending circus, and I’ll sacrifice my comfort any day." 


Publisher & Influencer Relations


Julia Mignone

"In New York, you have to accept that the backdrops of the most significant moments of your life will eventually exist only in your memory. Being from here hasn't made me more trusting of constant change; the neighborhoods of my childhood are, by now, unrecognizable. The most difficult thing to accept about New York, though, is also the most comforting: it changes too much and too quickly to truly belong to anyone. That's what makes it so infuriating and impossible, but also everlasting."


Brand Butterfly & Events Coordinator


Luana Barretos

"It was not love at first sight. I was reluctant about NYC when I arrived and couldn’t understand why so many people loved it. It took me a while, but it happened eventually. I was caught off guard and fell madly in love with this city. The busy streets, the architecture, with a great mix between the cute brownstones and beautiful modern buildings, the parks and gardens, and specially the feeling of freedom, to be able to be your true self. I’m very grateful to call this beautiful chaos home."